Motivational Speaking


Mental Health: "From Diagnosis to Healing" Intended to bring normalcy and stability to individuals and families facing mental illness.  Lisa tells the story of how she overcame the stigma of mental illness, and discusses the many trials she faced in the process.  This message will help people of faith to come out of hiding and disband the idea that mental illness is something for them and their families to be ashamed of.

Emotional Health: "Get Out of The Pit And Go To Your Palace" Intended to bring healing to the areas that have been wounded so that all is left is a scar.   Lisa tells the story of how she was burned at age 16 during a disagreement with one of her sibling.  This message will help you identify pitfalls in family dynamics and a message of hope that no matter what has happened, you can be free to walk in the purpose that God has for you.

Spiritual Health: "God Is With You In The Dark Places" Intended to walk you through difficult times as you seek stability in your relationship with God.  Lisa tells the story of how she left God for eight years; and she shares how the road to recovery began and ended with God's grace, mercy and faithfulness. This is a message of forgiveness that frees you to move forward as you explore your purpose and become able to clearly think creatively.

Physical Health: "Where is Your Vehicle Taking You" Intended to show you health from God's Perspective.  Lisa shares how she has overcome physical challenges and worked to honor the temple that God has given her to carry out His purpose through her.  She points out the necessity for you to care for your temple so that it is well enough to carry you to, and through your assignments.

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counseling provides a listening ear in a safe environment to discuss, release and heal from the hurts that have impacted your life.  Although advice is offered, it is out of the wisdom that lies within you, and the application of God's Word that your healing will begin.

Christian Life Coaching

In the middle of difficulty lies God's opportunity for you to ---> THRIVE.  Coaching addresses a specific area that God is nudging you to change in order for you to thrive.  It pulls the answers that you have inside you.  Coaching by way of S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable/Attainable, Relative, and Time Sensitive) goal setting leads to the manifestation of the change God wishes to make in your life.  Revelation and truth about that area from God's Word and the assistance of the Holy Spirit promises to produce desired results.  This method of coaching offers you the mapping, accountability, and support that leads to successful transformation.


Faith Through The Fog is a compelling story of my journey that will cause a paradigm shift in the way you view the vicissitudes of life, relationships and mental illness.  "It's been said that faith isn't denying the existence of a problem, rather it's denying the problem's influence as permanent." (Dr, Dharious Daniels)  You can make it through whatever your fog is and live the life that God has designed for you.


Women's Compilation Project "And Stilll I Rise" Volume 1

Contains a sonopsis of Faith Through The Fog plus other stories by triumphant Christian women.  More like a Women's Chicken Soup For The Soul book.

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